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Today marks the dawn of a fresh chapter for our Momentum journey. Our aim moving forward is to revisit the classic dungeons, infusing them with our unique style while introducing fresh and captivating ones. Our next venture leads us to Nemere's Watchtower, an iconic OG dungeon awaiting it's comeback.

As we embark on this new phase, our primary focus remains on delivering systems that enhance gameplay, making your experience smoother and more enjoyable. Additionally, we're committed to crafting events that engage and excite our community.

Looking ahead, following the conclusion of our Anniversary festivities, we eagerly anticipate the launch of the first half of our Easter Event, scheduled to commence on the 1st of April.

Now, let's dive into the patch notes for this latest update.


Blazing Purgatory

This is a dungeon-style map, composed of 7 different areas, where your party needs to perform 7 different tasks to complete the dungeon, all within 1-hour time limit. You can enter this area by talking to the Fireland Guard. The entry must be requested by the leader of the party. The minimum level to enter the dungeon is 100. If you leave the dungeon, by disconnection or reviving in the city, you have 5 minutes to get back in. The dungeon's completion tasks are randomly given, except for the last one.
When you are inside, you can start the run by talking to the Am-Heh Gorge which is located in the middle. After clearing each task, you have to talk to it again. The cooldown time to re-enter the dungeon is 1 hour.

DISCLAIMER! To enter the boss room the leader of the group needs to have the lv 103 main quest completed!

The entrance key can be crafted at Uriel.

Purgatory Flame Key (B)


Fishing Update

The Fishing Skill has now been reworked to be upgraded with Fishing Skill Books until the Perfect Master grade (P). Each skill upgrade will unlock the possibility to fish in new tiered zones as follows:
Master - Tier 2 spots

Grand Master- Tier 3 spots
Perfect Master- Tier 4 spots
Fishing SkillBook


Skill books can be read with Hermith's Advice and the Exorcism Scrolls. Fishing in any spot will give you the chance to catch a Wet Fishing Book. Placing it on a campfire will result in a normal Fishing Book
or in a burnt one.
Wet Fishing SkillBook

On the Atlas Map (M) you will start to see fishing spots, which are defined by a fish icon accompanied by stars indicating the required fishing tier to catch fish in that spot. Tier 1 and 2 spots are in each city, Tier 3 in City 2, and Tier 4 in CapeDragon.

Each spot contains fish ranging from that tier, and at the same time, each spot has a specific range of baits allowed.

Tier 1 and Tier 2

Tier 3

Tier 4

Based on a fixed time interval, a random fishing spot will be selected, from all the existing ones, to become a hotspot. The fishing hotspot will grant players fishing in that area the ability to catch Sunken Treasure, a chest that can contain a Fishing Pole Skin.

Sunken Treasure Chest


Fishing Pole Skins have 1 to 3 random bonuses assigned to them and a durability value. They have a limited usage count that can be replenished with Repair Kits. They can be repaired a maximum of 3 times.

Fishing Pole Skin


Can include the following bonuses:

Chance to catch more fish during the day
Chance to catch more fish during the night
Increased chance of catching fish with worms
Increased chance of catching fish with minnow
Increased chance of catching fish with shrimp
Chance to hook materials from the water
50% Chance to get double fish
Reduced target hits while fishing
Caught fishes are cooked
50% Chance to avoid durability decrease

Increased target hits while fishing
50% Chance for double durability decrease
Smaller chance to catch fishes

Basic Repair Kit- will repair 25% of the durability

Advanced Repair Kit- will repair 50% of the durability


Professional Repair Kit- will repair 100% of the durability

Each bonus can be either negative or positive, some of them influence the fishing catching rate based on the time of the day or night, others will influence the way the fishing mini-game works, etc.

During your fishing adventures, you can encounter a Golden Fish interaction in the form of a dialogue box. You can either free the fish, open it or use it as bait.
New fish (available from Tier 3 and Tier 4)

Blue mackerel
King Crab Red
Freshwater Shrimp
Sergeant Major
Flying Fish

The locations of the fishermen have been reworked. Each fishing mini-game will now have a randomized speed for the fish ranging from very slow to very fast. This doesn't depend on the type of fish you caught, it is based on the determination and feelings of the fish. Be on the look on the beaches, you might encounter something.

We've updated the prices from Fisherman's shop. From now Riceball will be the worst bait that you can use to fish, giving you smaller odds of catching the fishes. The order from worst to best baits that you can use to have the best chances of catching fishes will be: Riceball--->Worm--->Minnow--->Freshwater Shrimp

You can no longer grill alive fishes.

Atlas Optimization

We've revamped the Atlas to improve user experience and provide powerful new customization options. Key changes include:

A new expandable panel on the left side allows you to show/hide different icon types on the Atlas. Filter settings are saved between sessions for consistent personalization.

Main Icon Prioritization
Your main character's icon now stands out from other map icons for easier visibility.

Enhanced Coordinate Display
Ability to see real-time X and Y coordinates as you hover over the Atlas map. Easily share precise locations with friends for effortless meetups and exploration!

Scaling and Movement
Zoom in/out on the Atlas using your mouse wheel, focusing on the area under your cursor. Drag the Atlas in any direction by holding the left mouse button and moving the mouse.

Fishing Spot Icons
New fishing spot icons were added to the Atlas. Icons display stars to indicate the fishing tier required. Hovering over a fishing spot icon reveals details including Hotspot status, Fishing tier, Coordinates, and Bait requirements. Gold icons with a flashing animation indicate active hotspots. See the for more in-depth information on fishing changes.

Red Dragon zone changes

The Red Dragon zone has been reworked, upon entering the newly marked zone you will suffer from severe burns until you leave it.


New item additions

New Belt crafting at Jae-Seon Kim(Cape Blacksmith)
King's Belt
Shadow Belt
Rune Belt
Great Bear's Belt
Soul's Belt

Added Red Flame Stone at Jae-Seon Kim(Cape Blacksmith)
Red Flame Stone

Enhances your belt's bonuses

Added Fire Quiver at Mirine

Binding Liquid will now be Crushed Spirit Stones.
Drag spirit stones on the Alchemist and he will try to crush them. There is a change in how many crushed spirit stones you will receive per spirit stone. We have nerfed the amount you receive from stones+0 to +3 and added crushing for spirit stones+4 which will give you the best value when crushed successfully.

Cities Maps and Dojang are now designed for spring season


  • Increased the upgrade chances for:
Heavean's Tear Accesories
All weapons until level 60 (included)
All armors until level 61(included)
Helmets until level 41 (included)
Bracelets until level 42 (included)
Necklaces until level 42 (included)
Boots until level 43 (included)
Earrings until level 42 (included)
Shields until 41 (included)

  • Increased the chance of dropping Vitality Ores for level 75 and above.
  • Selling tax at NPC for Blue Kingdom increased from 3% to 10%.
  • Increased the drop and experience for Shinsho and Chunjo. From now those 2 kingdoms will have 5% drop and 10% exp extra until kingdom population will even out.
  • Hero's Medal EXP will now give raw % increase rather than EXP Double Chance.
  • Slightly decreased the chance of getting clams from fishes.
  • Increased the penalty time for missing the fish in fishing minigame.
  • Each search from shops will now cost more yang.


  • Fixed the exchange problem of not being able to add other items after filling the first 2 rows and adding a 3 slot item.
  • Fixed jigsaw boxes not working from the 4th inventory page.
  • You will not be able to rejoin the dungeons if you go out intentionally or somebody else tries to enter your account and kicks you out.
  • The 2s PvP cooldown from dismounting the horse has been extended from just skills to everything: hits, skills, poison & fire damage.
  • Safebox Item Transfer: We've resolved an issue where attempting to transfer an item from your inventory to the safebox, which couldn't stack, resulted in the slot being activated without any actual item movement.
  • View Range Enhancement: The view range for two specific effects has been increased for a better visual experience: normal click on the terrain and the target arrow effect.
  • Corrected several items's description related to exp value.

  • Switch Channel: We've significantly reduced the wait time for switching channels. Now, you'll only need to wait for 2 seconds, making transitions smoother and faster.
  • Veins Collision: To improve navigation, we've disabled collision for veins. You can now walk through them without any obstructions.
  • Hyperlink: Now, if you click on a linked item in a chat, you'll see its icon too. This makes it easier to know what you're looking at right away.
  • Jigsaw boxes will now update automatically when playing the game and changing their position in the inventory.
  • Added a new feature where metin stones will despawn after some time so we avoid stuck metin


  • Professional Repair Kit
  • Angling Arsenal
  • Purgatory Access Token
  • Guild Skill Reset
  • The Ramadan Category has opened its gates hosting some of the finest new goods!


Iftar Sugar Rush
Embark on a tasty adventure filled with delicious rewards this Ramadan. Visit the Old Lady and see what goods she has prepared. She'll hand you some special sweets that can only be consumed in-game between sunset and sunrise and are sure to lift your morale with a bonus. Careful, they might go bad! The Old Lady has prepared a hefty amount of them so just pay her another visit for a fresh serving.

Added some side events that will make their appearance during Anniversary days.
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