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Patch - Chapter 3- Momentum

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In regards to the new content: We aim to bring new content, in this Chapter, to keep the game fresh and exciting. We are looking to add new content to the game in the form of new dungeons, new bosses, new items, and new quests. Chapter name is Momentum and it will be focused on consistency on the content we plan to release. This will be a good time to announce our plans for this month and the next one. Since many of you are waiting on the new dungeon releases, I can confirm that the first dungeon that will hit the live servers will be the Blazing Purgatory. Demon Tower will have something new coming up as well. Also regarding fishing there will be a rework that will bring new content in this area. Don't forget that on march our server will reach one year since it's comeback so you can expect something on that day. More information about what is to come will arrive in form of Sneak-peeks on our Discord and in form of this type of introduction at the beginning of important patch-notes.
So sit back, relax and enjoy the "Momentum" arc.

Regarding the upcoming events we will have a Valentines Day event starting from 14th to 19th of February. More information about it will be posted on the Event thread. And for today (10th of February) our Item Shop will feature a permanent set of costumes to mark the Chinese New Year.



How better can we start the Chinese New Year - Year of the Dragon than presenting our first main addition, for this patch, to the game: a new World Boss located in the fireland. The mighty red dragon will set your hearts on fire. This boss will be a challenge for the players and will require a group of players to defeat. He has a respawn timer of 8hours. You will see his place of spawn by the destruction he created on his landing.
He will be the source of some new interesting objects. (See New item Additions)

Second main addition to the game is a new daily quest for dark dungeons. The monopol of the upgrading materials at the bosses have been problematic, since many and many players are joining those maps. The players from level 90 and above will receive a new quest letter named "Mysterious Essence Expedition". Open it to find out what is new.

Short introduction:
You will have to kill mages from dark dungeon maps. After many kills you will gain magical essence %. Based on what % you end the quest with you will gain some -Mage's Bounty Chests

New item additions:

Magma Residue
-Crafting material obtainable from red dragon. It will serve for future dungeon key crafting.

Artisanal Stone
-Crafting material obtainable from red dragon. It will serve for crafting the Artisans Compass at the Blacksmith.

Titan Shield
-A new shield obtainable from the Mysterious Essence Expedition. It will serve as a new hybrid (pvm+pvp) shield. Can be upgraded with Gisul Stones only.

Reworked the bonuses for the Titan Shield.
from 10% resistence to average damage ---> 10% resistence to average damage, 12% demi-human.

You can not get the demi-human bonus from the bonus changers for this shield.

Basic potion brew -Baek-Go finally found a way to brew potions. This potion will be great for our newcomers on the server and it can be crafted at him for some flowers.

Grey Liquid -A new type of Liquid created by David. It will server as both pvp and pvm options. It will give up to 20% resistance to physical skill damage, this applies for bosses as well.

PvM balances:

Races balances:

Sura has been exerting an unexpected level of dominance in the game. Traditionally known for a high-defense playstyle with a focus on damage-oriented items, Sura currently finds itself in a situation where the effectiveness of dodging is excessively potent. This has rendered the need for substantial defensive bonuses, such as elemental resistances, almost unnecessary for Sura's optimal performance.

Fear: Chance to dodge arrows 30% ----> 15% at max rank

Warriors have taken a hit with the added increased damage intake from berserk. While we strongly believe this change has come to a balance state, the damage potential of warriors is not where it should be.

Berserk: Pierce Boost 10% ----> 15% at max rank
Ninjas and shamans continue to excel in PvP matchups as anticipated. However, we're now focusing on enhancing their capabilities for PvM encounters. This involves reducing the defense stats of bosses against daggers, bells, and fans. Stay vigilant as this adjustment may offer newfound advantages when facing certain bosses. We will come back with further announcements regarding those changes after everything will be balanced and ready but rest assured it will impact all the game stages for those classes.

Bonus balances:

The elemental resistances don't feel like protecting the player as much as they should. We are looking to increase the effectiveness of the elemental resistances.

Elemental resistances now provide 5% more protection

Resistance to skill damage has been a hot topic for a while. The lack of effectiveness of the resistance to skills that were coming from bosses has been a problem for a while. While we are not looking to make the resistance to skill damage as effective for bosses as it is for players, we are looking to increase the effectiveness of the resistance to skill damage as follows:

Resistance to skill damage now provides 1% skill damage reduction for bosses per 5% skill damage resistance


  • Decreased the drop rate of blessing marbles for chaoses from lv 35 to 65.
  • Increased the drop rate of green bonus changers.
  • Slightly increased the upgrade chances for low level items.
  • Added a new chance of receiving 3 bonus changers from beta chaoses.
  • Decreased the drop rate of green and blue dragon beans.
  • Decreased the chances of upgrading alchemy with Green Dragon Beans & Blue Dragon Beans.
  • Slightly decreased the chances to receive Scale of Aqua Dragon from Aqua Dragon's Chest.
  • Decreased the raw yang obtained from monsters level 90 and below.
  • Increased the raw yang obtained from monsters from Azrael dungeon.
  • Increased the yang drop from all bosses in the game.
  • Slightly increased the drop rate of Mission Book (Expert).
  • Added some extra metin respawns in dark dragon maps.
  • Slightly increased the drop rate of Keun Gisul Stones from the bosses in the dark dragon maps.
  • Slightly increased the chance of dropping pet exp ring from Naaga Queen.
  • Slightly increased the crafting cost for master compass and war god blessing scroll.
  • Replaced the stone of blacksmith from Supreme Chest I and II with master compass bound
  • Replaced the Blacksmith Memo and Wise man Memo from lv up chests with bound versions.
  • Slightly increased the drop rate of energy fragments from monsters category 3 and 4.
  • Decreased the drop rate of treasure boxes from regular monsters.
  • Added a crafting cost for Liquids at David.
  • Increased the chance of good loot that you get from Loot Crates - the reward after finishing mission books-
  • Decreased the number of beta upgrade material received from Royal Treasure Chest.


  • Fixed a bug where the Aqua drake regen will get bugged when having 4 stone of solitude. Now each metin of solitude will reduce the regen speed with 7s up to a regen/2s
  • Fixed visual effect persistence for Ninja invisibility and White Flag usage.
  • Fixed an issue where the timer in Helia wasn't working as intended.
  • Ensured Snakefield and Fireland dark mode settings remain after teleport.
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't claim your reward after skipping a BP mission.
  • Fixed a bug where the BP will not follow the server time, now the bp should update after each end of the month at the exact time.
  • Corrected pet summoning notification display issues on certain maps.


  • Changed how stamina works for horses. Now the horses lv1 to 10 will consume less stamina when you ride them.
  • Reduced the time you need to wait to level up your horse. 2 hours----> 1 hour
  • Reduced the time you need to wait to get the licence for the horse. 3 hours----> 1.5 hours for armored horse 6 hours----> 3 hours for military horse
  • Added a remaining time to wait for a dungeon when you interact with the NPC at the enterance.
  • Improved text line visibility by extending entity view range.
  • Increased shop search effect visibility range.
  • Enhanced Account Manager with additional page for up to 15 account management.
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