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Happy Anniversary!


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Dear all,

The time has come to acknowledge an important milestone for our community: the first anniversary of WoM2 we get to celebrate together.

Looking back, one can not only remember the numerous challenges we as a collective have been faced with but also the continued support and assistance that have been instrumental in shaping WoM2 into the platform it is today. The passion of our community has been a constant fuel to our determination to provide a stronger and more stable service.

and for that, we must say
Thank you!

As a team, we came into existence with a singular purpose, to resurrect the spirit of WoM2, and reunite the members of our tribe under one singular platform once again. In the face of adversity, our group of unseasoned individuals stood steady and shaped the extraordinary collective of today, which is holding the weight of that initial responsibility with constant resolution.

to all past and present members of our team
Well done!

It is now by looking at this past year that we see the new platform we have become and better understand the future we wish to lay ahead. As for now, let's rejoice in the achievement of having gone through our first year together and mark the moment accordingly.

Join us in celebrating the accomplishments of the past 12 months in-game between the 28th and the 31st of March as we have prepared an array of special surprises to mark this threshold.

Happy Anniversary!