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Cupidon's Misadventure: A Valentine's Day Quest


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Calling all champions of love!

Embark on a thrilling adventure to save Cupidon, the celestial messenger himself, who has been struck by villainous monsters. Your bravery is needed to restore harmony and ensure a joyous Valentine's Day for all.

Your Mission:

Join the Event:
Locate the letter indicating "Event: Cupidon's Misadventure" in your Quest list.

Visit the Captain: Listen to his
urgent message about saving Cupidon and learn the importance of the Harmony Elixir as well as your role in acquiring it.

Talk to Baek-Go: He'll explain the situation and task you with gathering Cupidon's Arrows.

Hunt for Cupidon's Arrows: Track down charmed beasts in your level range for they hold the magical arrows you need. You'll be able to recognize them by the pink glow surrounding them. Once slain, you'll receive Cupidon's Arrows.


Gather Harmony Essence: Collect the essence of love by shooting Cupidon's Arrows
at players of the opposite gender. When you hit a player with Cupidon Arrows they will receive 2 random buffs for 10 minutes (active play time). Keep track of your progress with the handy "Harmony Essence gathered" counter. Aim to collect 100 Harmony Essence to create the powerful Harmony Elixir.


Forge the Harmony Elixir: Deliver your collected Harmony Essence to Baek-Go, the wise advisor. With your contribution, the elixir will be forged, ready to restore Cupidon's strength.

Save Cupidon: Return to the Captain, the valiant quest giver, and witness the elixir bring Cupidon back to his radiant self.

Your Reward:


For your act of heroism, you'll be bestowed with the precious "Amulet of Love" a symbol of your unwavering dedication to love. Let it serve as a reminder of your valiant deeds and the power of love that triumphed over evil.

Ready to answer Cupidon's call? Join the quest from the 14th to the 19th of February and make this Valentine's Day one to remember!

Additional Tips:

🩷 Keep an eye out for other players participating in the event. Collaboration can make the essence-gathering process smoother and more enjoyable.
🩷 Don't be shy! This is a lighthearted event, so embrace the spirit of love and have fun interacting with other players.
🩷 Remember, the true reward is the joy of helping Cupidon and spreading love on this special day.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your bow, collect those Harmony Arrows, and embark on a Valentine's Day adventure you won't soon forget! And if this new adventure is not to your liking, you can just enjoy the new Valentine's Day Item Shop goods available from February 14th, 2024!