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❄️❄️Chill Thrills -WoM2's Christmas Journey❄️❄️

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Greetings dear community!

Guess what? Winter's knocking, and we've got something epic brewing! Welcome to "Chill Thrills," the coolest Christmas adventure right here on this thread. Get ready for a blast because we're kicking things off with a bang – the Advent Calendar!

Advent Calendar Countdown: Daily Surprises

Starting December 1st, swing by every day for a little slice of joy. The Advent Calendar is like a festive pinata – whack it open, and surprises spill out. We're talking exclusive in-game goodies and more. It's the perfect warm-up to the big bash starting on December 15th.


To participate you will need to have the Orc Teeth quest from the biolog completed. Also you can redeem each day only once per person (IP). If you missed a day you can't go back to collect the reward.

You can access the calendar by pressing this button on your bottom left side of the screen.

What's Poppin' on This Thread: More Than Just the Calendar

This thread isn't just about daily Advent Calendar fun. It's HQ for all your Christmas needs in WoM2:

  • Event Sneak Peeks / Behind the Scenes: We'll spill the beans on the quests, challenges, and rewards coming your way.
  • Pro Tips: Need some wisdom on the events? We got you covered with useful information regarding on what to do and how to do it.

So, ready up your gear, sharpen those blades, and dive into "Chill Thrills." The countdown to December 1st is on, and December 15th is gonna be legendary! Let's sleigh this holiday season together! STAY TUNED FOR MORE INFORMATIONS ABOUT WHAT IS COMMING UP🎄❄️
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Chill Thrills: WoM2's Christmas Journey 🎄

Step into the enchanting world of WoM2's Christmas Journey, a festive Event available to players level 30 and above. Log in to the game to discover if the Christmas 2023 Event is active, then embark on a heartwarming adventure filled with mystery and merriment.

🕰️ Event Duration: December 15th to January 8th. 🕰️


How to kickstart the Christmas Event?

Step 1: Introduction

Log in and check if the Christmas 2023 Event is active 🍬 The magic begins for players level 30 and above. You may find more details in the Quests Tab (N) under the Event Quests category.


Step 2: Talk to Santa

Head to the Santa Claus NPC 🎅 to kick off the Christmas Event. Santa will reveal mysterious happenings in the city and guide you to the Guardian.


Step 3: Talk to the Guardian
Engage with the Guardian to delve into the mystery of the 🎁 strange gifts that are causing disturbances. Uncover the story and accept the task of investigating.

Step 4: Investigate the City
Interact with various NPCs to gather information. Some are eager to share unwanted gifts, setting the stage for your holiday journey. Pro tip: do not overlook both main cities of your selected kingdom 🔎

Step 5: Receive Toy Gifts
Collect three Toy Gifts 🧸 by talking to NPCs willing to spread the joy. Only the right one will be willing to share their presents with you...

Toy Gift (B)


Step 6: Choose a Recipient
Make heartwarming choices by deciding which NPC receives your Toy Gifts, each NPC responding uniquely to your generosity👶

Step 7: Defeat the Boss

Identify, and confront the gifting boss which is tailored to your character's level range, and triumph over the festive foe.

🎄🎄🎄Step 8: The Event is on!🎄🎄🎄
With the boss defeated, the Christmas Event unfolds! Enjoy festive monster drops, and Santa's Bag of Gifts, and discover the new exciting side quests available throughout the month.


What to do after unlocking the Christmas Event

Participate in festive activities, including🍪 baking cookies with the Old Lady and assisting Octavio with feast preparations🍗 Slay monsters for Santa's Bag of Gifts 🎁 with exciting rewards, join the 🃏 Okey Cards race for the king of the leaderboard and MORE! 👀


Keep reading because here's where even more fun starts for you!☃️☃️☃️

🎅Santa Boss🎅

While exploring, defeat mobs close to your level (min lvl 30) to have a chance of spawning Santa's Bag of Gifts containing special rewards. You can open the Santa's Bag of Gifts for a chance to encounter the formidable Santa Boss. Defeating him yields special rewards to aid you on your festive journey.

Santa's Bag of Gifts


Santa Boss


🎄Christmas Tree Kingdom Contest🎄

Each Kingdom was gifted a Christmas Tree. It is your duty to collect ornaments for it and ensure your kingdom's tree is the largest and most beautiful one in the land! Players can decorate the tree from December 15th to January 8th.

Christmas Ornaments


Depending on how many ornaments each player has contributed, you'll have to visit the Christmas Tree and claim a reward fitting for the effort you have put into boosting your kingdom's results.
This reward is individual to each player and reflects how much they have contributed. 🔝


The kingdom with the largest and most ornate tree will receive an additional bonus! This bonus will affect everyone in the winning kingdom and it will be awarded on 📅 December 25th based on the results up to that date.

Christmas Tree


🧝Santa's Festive Workshop🧝

Each delivered ornament will grant you a Christmas Gift Tier 1. Visit Santa Claus and open his workshop window to be able to craft better Christmas Gifts as well as variate seasonal goods to boost your experience. Otherwise, open the gifts and enjoy a nice surprise. The higher the tier, the better the reward!

Christmas Gift Tier 1


Christmas Gift Tier 2


Christmas Gift Tier 3


Santa's Festive Workshop Crafting Window


Craft Items



You can source this item from mobs close to your level (min lvl 20)

Christmas Stockings


You can source this item from Santa's Bag of Gifts and the Santa Boss


Long story short:
• Ensure you're at least level 30 to partake in the fun.

• Open the Advent Calendar from the 1st to the 25th of December to unlock free amazing gifts! (level 30 Biologist quest requires completion)

• Visit the Santa Claus NPC in map 1 to learn how to unlock the Christmas Event

• Complete the tasks to unlock the Christmas Event

• Challenge yourself with the Okey Cards race for the top of the leaderboard as well as exciting rewards!

• Join the amazing culinary preparations by helping the Old Lady and Octavio in the new quests we've prepared for you.

• Explore and defeat mobs (level 30 and above) to spawn Santa's Bag of Gifts filled with special rewards.

• Open Santa's Bag of Gifts and discover valuable items tailored to your level.

• Collect ornaments by vanquishing mobs, utilizing them for special deliveries to Christmas trees in your empire.

• Contribute to the growth of your Christmas tree by delivering ornaments, and earning rewards on December 25th.

• The largest kingdom's Christmas Tree will receive an extra surprise.

• Keep an eye on the Quests Tab for specific tasks and objectives related to the Christmas 2023 event.

Immerse yourself in the joyous Chill Thrills: WoM2's Christmas Journey, where every step is filled with warmth, wonder, and seasonal surprises. 🎁✨

Stay tuned for more...
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What is better than the smell of baked cookies on a winter night? Or you prefer gathering with your friends and have a big feast to devour in seconds?


It's that festive time of the year again, and Octavio, the renowned chef in the realm, is in charge of preparing a grand feast for the entire community. However, unexpected challenges have arisen. Several shipments of essential food elements for the feast have gone missing, and Octavio urgently needs a brave adventurer to help recover them.

Player Tutorial:

  • Player will receive a letter called Octavio's Feast
Read the Letter ---> Talk to Octavio ---> Seek Information about the food supplies ---> Hunt for Food Boxes ---> Deliver the Boxes ---> Obtain the beverage ---> Get rewarded


The event ends on January 7th, 2024, at 14:00 GMT. Players above level 30 are eligible to participate and can drop supplies from monster in their level range. There are 3 stages for this story meaning that Octavio will prepare 3 Feasts in total (One for 25th December, one for 1st January and one for 7th January). Each feast will end on the specific date, so you will have to complete them in order (You need to wait for a feast to finish to start the other one). The prize will get better and better if you complete multiple feasts like in the example.

Each of you need to drop the supply boxes yourself. You can't trade them or get help from another buddy. Each box can be dropped only once per feast. You need all 4 boxes to complete each feast.

Example: You complete the mission on 20th of December. You will get rewarded but you will have to wait until 25th of December when Octavio will prepare the first Feast. Then let's say you get bored and don't help him with the feast for 1st January. Octavio will still try to salvage something for that, and then ask for your help for the last feast. If you complete the quest for the last feast you will get the second reward (that is better than the first). You can't go back and complete the feast if the date passes. It doesn't matter if you are on a completion streak or not, the prizes will get better and better for each completion.

Grandma's Ho-Ho-Holiday Cookies

As the winter festival approaches, an old lady in the empire is determined to spread joy by baking delicious holiday cookies. Unfortunately, wild beasts have stolen essential baking supplies, putting a damper on the festive spirit. The old lady seeks the help of brave adventurers to retrieve the stolen ingredients and bring the magic of holiday baking back to the empire.

Player Tutorial:

  • When players log in during the Christmas event (after enabling it), they receive a letter titled "Grandma's Ho-Ho-Holiday Cookies."
Read the Letter ---> Visit the Old Lady ---> Learn the Recipe --->Hunt for Stolen Baking Ingredient Box
--->Bake the Cookies

Stolen Baking Ingredient Box
drops from monsters close to your level, when opened will give the player random ingredients.

Players can gather as many ingredients as they want . Players above level 30 are eligible to participate. To bake the cookies you must open the baking interface and after placing the ingredients you need to hold down on the baking button. As much as you hold that button the cookie will start to bake, After release the indicator will advance on the state of the cookie you made.

You can trade ingredients with other players, some of you maybe have more flour and need to borrow some sugar from the neighbour.

There are 4 states as you can see in the image above: - Red - You will receive nothing

- Light Green -
You will get a Christmas Cookie (Normal)
- Dark Green -
You will get a Christmas Cookie (Excellent)

- Brown -
You will get a Christmas Cookie (Burnt)

It is up to you to learn how much you need to bake those ingredients in order to achieve the Excellent Cookie. If you work hard you can have cookies for the whole year!



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Okey Card Game


Our first side event for Christmas will be the Okey Cards Game.

By defeating monsters that are level 20 or higher you will collect Okey Collectable Card.png Okey Collectable Cards during this Event.
Once you collected 24 Cards, you automatically receive an Okey Card Set.png Okey Card Set.


1. Reveal the initial set of five cards by left-clicking on the deck.
2. Accumulate points by choosing three cards. (NOTE: Use left-click to select a card; right-click to permanently discard a card)
3. The higher your point total at the conclusion of the game, the more rewarding your prize will be.


1. You can pause your game at any time by pressing ESC. Changing map or teleporting will end the current game!
2. Once discarded, cards cannot be restored, so think carefully before deciding!
3. Cancelled games will NOT be refunded! Choose where you want to play your game wisely.

Minigame start window opens. Secure Game option is activated.

Okey Card Game Secure.png

With Secure Mode activated, players are prompted to confirm each time they try to discard a card. This precautionary feature has been implemented to prevent inadvertent card removals. Players have the choice to embrace this safeguard or disable it by simply excluding the setting prior to commencing the game.

Okey Card Game Secure Message.png


1 - 1 - 1​
2 - 2 - 2​
3 - 3 - 3​
4 - 4 - 4​
5 - 5 - 5​
6 - 6 - 6​
7 - 7 - 7​
8 - 8 - 8​

Points for cards with at least one different color​
Points for cards of the same color​
1 - 2 - 3​
2 - 3 - 4​
3 - 4 - 5​
4 - 5 - 6​
5 - 6 - 7​
6 - 7 - 8​


Rewards are distributed in the form of chests based on your game score.

Score < 300: Bronze Okey Chest.png Bronze Okey Chest
Score 300-399: Silver Okey Chest.png Silver Okey Chest

Score ≥ 400: Golden Okey Chest.png Golden Okey Chest

Players participating in Okey sets will see their game points accumulated. A leaderboard, accessible at the Okey table, will showcase the total points for each player. Additionally, this table will provide information regarding the drops for each chest.


Leaderboard reward:

1st place: 1x Permanent Christmas Costume set at choice (from IS )
2nd place: 20x Golden Okey Chest.png Golden Okey Chests
3rd place: 10x Golden Okey Chest.png Golden Okey Chests
4th - 10th place: 5x Golden Okey Chest.png Golden Okey Chest


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During the Christmas Event you will be able to have access to the wonderfull Christmas Wheel. You can spin the wheel by using
Christmas Wheel Ticket. You can obtain this ticket by crafting it at Santa or from item shop.

Wheel will be unlocked after all the kingdoms deliver ,combined, 50k ornaments

Premium rewards will include:
  • Hairstyles and Costumes 14d/30d
  • Enchanted Lollipop 7d/14d
  • Christmas Pets 14d/30d
  • Fierce Reindeer Pet Seal
  • Reindeer Xmas Skins

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