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Euro 2024 Cup Event!


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⚽️ Calling all football fanatics! The Euro 2024 Cup event is here to test your skills and score epic rewards! ⚽️

Event Period
🗓️ June 14 - July 14 📅

📍 WoM2 Special Arena


How to Play

Gear Up
👟 Head over to the EVENT Button (near minimap) to access the Euro 2024 Cup festivities.


Kick Off Your Training
⚽ Gather Footballs by defeating mobs close to your level. Higher difficulty mobs and drop bonus boosters will increase your drop for more footballs, similar to the Moonlight event. Footballs drop from level 30.


Hit the Field
🚀 Once you're stocked up, teleport directly to the football field using the EVENT Button (Level 30 minimum required).


Master the Game
🎓 Talk to Thesse to learn the ropes of the mini-game.


Challenge the Goalkeepers
🥅 Test your skills against different goalkeepers. Each has a chance to drop tickets or rewards.


Novice Keeper
✅ Higher chance to score, but rewards are smaller.

Elite Keeper
⚠️ Lower chance to score, but offers double the tickets and better rewards.


Earn Big
💰 Trade your hard-earned Football Tickets for awesome items from Thesse.


Boost Your Chances
⚡ Energy drinks will increase your scoring potential! (Effect disappears after the shot.)


Unleash the Power
💥 A surprise Football Metin Stone spawns every 8 hours. Work together with your team to deal damage and unlock awesome rewards based on your total damage:

2000+ Damage: 🥇 10 Golden Footballs & 🥤 10 Energy Drinks
1000+ Damage: 🥈 7 Golden Footballs & 🥤 7 Energy Drinks
500+ Damage: 🥉 5 Golden Footballs & 🥤 5 Energy Drinks


Score a Special Voucher

🎟️ Opening Football Boxes might reward you with a special voucher for a one-of-a-kind costume bearing the number 10 on their back! At the end of the event, the owners of these tickets will become the new owners of a unique outfit so get your hands on one of the 26 tickets available and secure your special prize!

Support Your Favourite
💸 In-game Yang bets of 10kk can be placed using our unique Euro UI.


This exciting addition to the event guarantees easy betting and tracking using in-game currency only and ensures fair, equal prizes for all successful tickets (the total bet amount is divided by the number of winners).


Visit Thesse to test the odds and claim your winnings after the scores are settled for this Euro 2024 Cup event!


Item Mall
🛒 A selection of event-ready 7-day pets is available for the duration of the event to help boost your WoM2 experience.


On top of that, the uniforms of some of the most acclaimed national football teams are available as permanent costumes so you can support your country from inside the game!


Plus, we have our own team's jerseys ready to be collected. With an intricate unique design and numbers from 2 to 9 and 11 to 15, they are the perfect uniforms for the guilds to captivate all attention in the arena!


So lace up your boots, hone your skills, and get ready to dominate the Euro Cup mini-game! Let's see who can claim the ultimate football glory!
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