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WoM2 Annual Questionnaire!

The time has come for you to grade our performance for the 1st year of server activity.

This form will be available for a period of 28 days, until May 8th, in order to allow for more people to find the necessary time to complete it. Questions related to the Forum and Homepage were made optional since those do not impact our main focus, the gameplay, directly. Please go through the questions at your own convenience and ensure all answers reflect your true opinion on the subject matter.

The form is anonymous and will not collect any of your personal data besides the answers you give. We ask that you treat this form with due seriosity and decide to participate solely with the purpose of providing your feedback regarding our services.

We are looking forward to your responses and hope we can continue to improve your WoM2 experience!
Easter Eggvent Hunt

Get ready to dive into the spring excitement with our Easter Eggvent Hunt!

This delightful event, spreading across two periods from April 1st to 8th and May 3rd to 13th, is set to challenge everyone with a thrilling search for velvety chocolate surprises! Engage in an adventurous egg hunt across different map locations, and collect eggs to amass a variety of Easter Eggs!

Rendezvous with the White Rabbit in major cities, basket in hand, to secure your eggs and receive special presents. Keep an eye out for Easter Metin Stones which offer an array of new event-ready goods! Test your luck with the Bunny Spin for a chance at exclusive rewards, including seasonal costumes.

With excitement at every turn, double the dates mean double the fun and opportunities to win!

Happy hunting!

Blazing Purgatory: The Battle Against Razador

Assemble your party!

The Blazing Purgatory run demands exceptional teamwork and strategic thinking to overcome its ever-changing trials. Will you claim victory within the hour, or succumb to Razador's relentless pressure? Specific details of the seven trials remain a mystery. Only the bravest adventurers will unravel their secrets!

Ready to face the challenge? Seek out the Fireland Guard and prepare for your legend to be forged!

Fishing System Rework!

Become the master of the Untamed Waters with this new fishing system update!

Improve your Fishing Skill in order to gain access to the best spots in the realm and find the recipe for the best bait. The seas hold the best knowledge so once you catch a Wet Fishing Book, build a campfire to dry it out and learn its secrets!

A hotspot may appear! Sunken Treasures lurk in their waters among the new fish brought to shore by the Momentum currents. Build yourself a worthy arsenal of fishing tools and maximize your chances of encountering the infamous Golden Fish!

This rework has taken fishing to new limits and by mastering it you can become a full-time fisherman, the best on the market!

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